The Lauren Daigle Exclusive Fan Experience

What is Krewe Pass?

Growing up in Louisiana, you never meet a stranger. My community means everything to me, and it is always growing. From the people who gather around the kitchen table for coffee to friends who feel like family, a neighbor you can ask to borrow sugar, and even someone new you run into on the street. I love the welcoming spirit of my home state!
I also love what I do. Singing and performing fills me up unlike anything else! You don’t always get to see all the work behind the scenes that happens every day: designing album art, making countless decisions about how a tour will look and feel, finding great partners for The Price Fund, and even working on new music! ;-)
When dreaming up an online community, I wanted to connect with y’all in an authentic way to who I am while sharing unprecedented access to everything that is happening on Team LD.
Since we do everything with pizzazz in Louisiana, the name had to have a little cajun flare. It was inspired by beloved New Orleans and the groups or "krewes" that create the vibrant floats and parades of Mardi Gras.
Welcome to Krewe Pass!

What's Included in Krewe Pass?

When you sign up for Krewe Pass today, you'll receive the following:
  • A monthly message from Lauren—exclusive for Krewe Pass members
  • Exclusive content & Krewe merch
  • Early access to buy tickets for the upcoming tour and special shows
  • Store discount in Lauren's online store
  • Immediate access to the Krewe Pass archives

What Krewe Pass Members are Saying...

Interact with Lauren Personally...

Krewe Pass is such an awesome experience. As a member you will interact with other LD fans everywhere, with TeamLD and even with Lauren personally to talk about all things Lauren Daigle. My favorite part of Krewe Pass are the Q&A’s that Lauren does with her fans, plus the added discount on all LD merch. —Jessica

DO IT! It is so worth it.

The content on Krewe Pass is so fun to look at and to connect more with Lauren Daigle. It truly is so exciting to get the email that there is new content created and to go read encouragement from Lauren, exclusive pictures, her favorite things, and so much more. —Layne

Without the Negative Noise...

Krewe Pass is a place you can interact with fans and team LD without the negative noise from general social spaces. It's been a calm and relaxing place I could support Lauren's music ministry in some small way and meet cool people with similar stories/interests that would pray with me. —Leon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Krewe Pass?

Krewe Pass is the only online-based fan experience created by Lauren Daigle and her team.

How much does Krewe Pass cost?

Krewe Pass is a fan experience that offers 3 different tiers based on the fan's interest: 

  1. FREE Pass - Free
  2. VIP Pass - $29 USD/year
  3. All Access Pass - $79 USD/year
What happens after I buy a Krewe Pass?

After you sign up for Krewe Pass, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to create your username and password so you can gain access to the Krewe Pass website. It's easy - just complete the steps in the email, and you'll be ready to start exploring!

What if I don't like the experience? Can I get a refund?

You have 7 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund if you are not satisfied with the experience—guaranteed. No questions will be asked.

How is Krewe Pass 3.0 different than past versions?

Krewe Pass 3.0 was launched in Spring of 2023. This version was built as an add-on to complement the much-anticipated release and tour of her new album. The main changes to 3.0 are a new community-focused platform, simplified content offerings, and access to exclusive show and tour perks that you can't get anywhere else.